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5 Reasons To Get A Website Makeover for Ad Agencies

For advertising agencies, it’s hard not take things at face value. Advertising, after all, is largely a visual thing. As such it is very important that every ad agency have an effective representation of their business both in the real world, and – arguably more importantly in the recent technological advancements of the decade – on the World Wide Web.

It used to be that “a business without a sign is a sign of no business”. Though that adage still rings true these days, it might actually make more sense referring to a business’s need for a website.

Due to advancements in modern technology drastically changing the way marketing works, more and more companies are jumping in on the online bandwagon. And given how easy it is to come up with a website these days, even the little guys are getting in on it.

Building up an effective website, however, is more than a matter of simple beeps and boops on a computer. Though some may think that having just any website will do, a poorly-designed website could do more harm than good to your company as it risks turning off your potential clients from doing business with you.

Web design is very, very important to any company looking to establish their online presence – especially for advertising agencies as an ad agency’s website stands as a firm representation of the company itself. If you’re an ad agency who’s somehow settled with a rather bland website, here are a few reasons why your website needs that makeover right now:

1: Set Your Company Apart From The Rest

Right off the bat, this is the number one thing visitors notice when they end up on a well-designed website. Seeing a clean, professional website immediately puts in the mind of your visitors that yours is a company that means business – not like the droves of tacky, template-based, cookie-cutter websites that only work as “online calling cards”.

2: Company Access: 24/7

Although this doesn’t technically count as a benefit from having a well-designed website more than it does as a general benefit from having just any website, I’m still including this on the list as it still would take proper web designing for this point to achieve its full effect.

Having a website means being able to present your company to anybody curious enough to have a look at any given time, which – coupled with highly informative content – works much like having someone on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions they may have about your advertising agency.

3: Brand Identity

Ad agencies make their names by putting out effective branding campaigns for their clients, which also helps in getting their brand out on the market. One other (arguably more effective) way of getting their own name some chatter, however is through their own website – when it comes to establishing your brand and dispensing information about your company nothing beats the widescale reach and massive presence of an effective website, especially in planting your name in the minds of your visitors.

4: A Homecourt Advantage For Showcasing Your Repertoire

When it comes to showcasing what your company is the best at, nothing beats the efficiency and versatility of having an expertly designed website. Great web design would mean the success of your website, which then translates to the success of your ad agency. Great web design would also mean click-worthy calls to action, translating into even more customers for you, which means…

5: More Visitors, More Leads, More Customers – Bigger Profits

As mentioned above, great web design also translates to more customers for your business. More than just creating a pretty page, great web design also takes into account how everything is placed across your website: every block of text, every image, every button, and every other component of your website is laid out specifically and purposefully across the screen to get the best results for your company; everything is where it should be, leading to a higher conversion rate which means that you earn even bigger profits for your company.

Ra’el is WIZMEDIA’s Founder and all-around Chief-of-Staff-Grand-Poobah. He also functions as the team’s doting guardian, which means he does more than just boss people around. A typical day’s work for Israel would involve driving people to and from the office, making sure the office’s snack bar is well-stocked, and cleaning up after the WIZMEDIA crew – much like Mary Poppins if Mary Poppins were a man and was really awesome at programming.
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