The Core Team

Israel Canasa

Head Honcho of Software Engineering and Housekeeping

Israel is WIZMEDIA’s Founder and all-around Chief-of-Staff-Grand-Poobah. He also functions as the team’s doting guardian, which means he does more than just boss people around. A typical day’s work for Israel would involve driving people to and from the office, making sure the office’s snack bar is well-stocked, and cleaning up after the WIZMEDIA crew - much like Mary Poppins if Mary Poppins were a man and was really awesome at programming.

Having worked in the field for more than a decade without slowing down, Israel’s technical prowess shows why he’s the boss. Not too long ago, he was allegedly dubbed a “god of programming” by his grandma.

Aside from creating marketing-optimized websites and coding advanced web applications that make his clients ridiculously rich, the ever-untiring Israel is also a spirited daddy to his two beautiful daughters Ashelia and Arya, and a loving husband to his wife Jane.

Edward Magbago

CSS Magician, PHP Powerhouse

When he isn’t working his computer magic programming and coding, the tireless Edward spends most of his time running, schooling everyone else on the court with his mad basketball skills, and then running some more. Someday we might just hook him up to a generator to power our offices. He’s a huge fan of a lot of TV series, and is an all-around great guy to work with - just don’t attack his town on Clash of Clans.

Allan Pilarca

PHP Developer probably from Krypton

WIZMEDIA’s resident nice guy. Never without a smile on his face, Allan is always quick to lend a helping hand and answer anyone’s questions - so long as he hears you over his headphones. He loves hanging out playing videogames with his friends, and like most of the WIZMEDIA blokes, likes to stay active and fit by hiking and jogging and is often the first to bug his running buddies Mark and Edward to step out for a quick jog.

Mark Anthony Alcaide

PHP Code Artist

Mark’s steadfast focus on the task at hand make him look almost unapproachable while he’s at work, but behind his workaholic demeanor lies one of the most chill, laid-back dudes you’ve ever worked with. A pop culture enthusiast at heart, Mark enjoys watching films, catching up on his shows, and leveling up his character on World of Warcraft. He also keeps fit with a slew of activities such as running, hiking, and swimming.

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