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Israel Canasa

Head Honcho of Software Engineering and Housekeeping

More about Israel...

Israel is WIZMEDIA’s Founder and all-around Chief-of-Staff-Grand-Poobah. He also functions as the team’s doting guardian, which means he does more than just boss people around. A typical day’s work for Israel would involve driving people to and from the office, making sure the office’s snack bar is well-stocked, and cleaning up after the WIZMEDIA crew - much like Mary Poppins if Mary Poppins were a man and was really awesome at programming.

Having worked in the field for more than a decade without slowing down, Israel’s technical prowess shows why he’s the boss. Not too long ago, he was allegedly dubbed a “god of programming” by his grandma.

Aside from creating marketing-optimized websites and coding advanced web applications that make his clients ridiculously rich, the ever-untiring Israel is also a spirited daddy to his three beautiful daughters Ashelia, Arya, and Angelou, and a loving husband to his wife Jane.