Branding and Design

Profile Page Design

Just as with your website, any other social networks your company is on should be treated with the same level of importance, design-wise. Despite being limited to the various profile page layouts on say, Facebook or Twitter, you still need to do what you can to reflect a professional image through your profile photo, cover image, etc.

We create images specifically fitted for your various profile page needs, making sure that all important information is properly reflected on your various social networks. We don’t just use any old image and force it into your required image size – everything is designed to fit the different image resolution requirements without having to compromise the quality of our designs.

Infographic Design

The internet is currently undergoing a visual revolution, and leading the fray with banners held high are infographics. Oozing with great visual appeal whilst being able to impart vital information, infographics are currently one of the most well-received mediums on the web.

A well-created infographic will always, ALWAYS be more effective (not to mention more enjoyable) than plain old text. As 90% of information that comes to the brain has shown to come from visual stimuli, infographics are a great way to make sure your data makes a lasting impact on your readers, cementing your company name as an expert in the field with a deeper level of understanding for your subject area.

When tasked with the creation of infographics for our clients, we make it our point to create gorgeous images paired with highly relevant and accurate information, thus encouraging your audience to share your content, causing your company to go viral.

Ad Banner Design

Ads fighting for your audience’s attention? Don’t just go with an attention-hungry ad with bright flashing colors screaming with desperation. Such ads have been proven to turn people off, leaving you with lower credibility and a worse reputation than you started off with. Research has shown that most online audiences tend to shy away from a poorly-designed ad, even if it holds the promise of content relevant to what your audience needs.

Our designers will help you create the perfect ad that efficiently puts together eye-catching aesthetics and enticing content that exude an air of professionalism that will have them clicking in no time.

Icon Design

In line with the recent trend of a highly visual world wide web, icons have cemented their prominence across many successful websites as they too do their part in creating a more pleasingly informative user experience.

Icons today have become a rather important element in creating an efficient and attractive website. Used properly, icons can spell the difference between a bland page and one that keeps your audience interested and compelled.

As part of our design services, we can help you create the icons you need for a successful and professional-looking website. Nothing says a professional, modern website like custom web icons.

Logo Design

As the main element that sets your brand identity as well as the primary image by which your company is recognized, your logo is arguably one of the most important aspects of your brand’s overall design. As mentioned earlier with infographics, images make a more lasting impact on people, and your business logo is responsible for creating a professional impression that promotes trust in your products and/or services.

As designers, we make sure that the logos we churn out here at WIZMEDIA stand as an accurate representation of your company, giving it a unique and memorable look that sets you apart from your competitors.