WordPress – Simplicity at its Finest

Perfect for posting news articles or blog entries as well as for updating webpages, WordPress is a definite crowd favorite – especially among most of our clients. It’s fast, simple, and easier for clients to use than Joomla or Drupal. WordPress is a bit limited, however, which necessitates the use of plugins to extend its capabilities. You can only stretch it out so far though, which is why we have other CMSs in our toolset.

Joomla – The Developers’ Choice

As developers and programmers, Joomla is our favorite CMS for building custom web applications. With its “object-oriented” core framework, Joomla makes coding web applications a breeze. Clients need not trouble themselves with the framework’s inner workings though, all they need to know is that Joomla works, and works really well.

If our client needs a huge custom web application that can only be built from the ground up, we build it as a Joomla web application. This way our clients can get a CMS on top of the web application they require.

Drupal – The CMS Powerhouse

One of the most powerful CMSs out right now, Drupal is a juggernaut with all the possibilities that can be done with it. Drupal lets developers build almost anything they can imagine through a healthy ecosystem of plugins and modules, even without custom code from programmers. We love using Drupal for big and content-intensive projects that do not require custom code.

Some clients actually fear that Drupal might be difficult to use – fact is, only the developers such as us would have to deal with its tough parts. Once we hand the reins over to our clients, they’re often surprised to find out just how easy Drupal is to work with – sometimes even easier than WordPress.

Choosing the right CMS for your website is one of the most important parts of a Complete Web Strategy. Whatever your needs or preferences are, a partner that understands WordPress Joomla Website Development could save you from wrong decisions and in return save you thousands of dollars.